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As one of the top mentalists worldwide, Kevin Viner has appeared on Penn and Teller: Fool Us, E!’s Busy Tonight, Masters of Illusion, Don’t Blink, AMC’s The Core, commercials for both T-Mobile and for the movie Now You See Me 2, and on the PBS documentary Johnny Carson: King of Late Night. As a corporate entertainer, Kevin has engaged top-level management with […]

As one of the top mentalists worldwide, Kevin Viner has appeared on Penn and Teller: Fool Us, E!’s Busy Tonight, Masters of Illusion, Don’t Blink, AMC’s The Core, commercials for both T-Mobile and for the movie Now You See Me 2, and on the PBS documentary Johnny Carson: King of Late Night.

As a corporate entertainer, Kevin has engaged top-level management with Starbucks, Google, Intel, Cisco, Ketel One, Deloitte, General Electric, and many more.

Kevin started young with his first magic set at five, a passion for the craft and not a shadow of a doubt what his career path would be. By age 14, he’d begun performing at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood. And by only 17, he was establishing a career as one of the top emerging mentalists in the country. Today, he performs over 150 events annually for clients around the world.

Kevin’s wide-ranging interests often find intriguing ways into his shows. With a degree in mathematics, he can harness probability to determine how guests are most likely to respond. Through his research in psychological profiling, he is able to deduce who may be the best participants in the show.

Through his backgrounds in aviation and martial arts, he has honed keen observational skills and reaction times. Through Kevin Viner studies in piano and guitar, he has gained a sense of rhythm that keeps the show flowing constantly. And through his education in comedy and improv, he will keep your guests laughing the entire time.

Kevin Viner | Comedic Magician

Looking for a fast-paced, interactive show that your guests will never forget? Kevin correctly guesses the name of a first kiss, shows how easily we can be influenced, and gives another audience member the ability to read minds. And that’s just the first five minutes! Borrowed Thoughts: A Mind Reading Experience is the result of entertaining at thousands of events over the past decade. A polished show that will entertain even the most hardened skeptics.

Besides the laughs, gasps and thunderous applause, Kevin Viner will collaborate with you to customize your evening.

Stage Show
Onstage, Kevin involves your guests in a smart, fast-paced show that keeps them engaged and laughing throughout. The show combines mentalism with magic, comedy, and pick-pocketing — something for everybody.

Kevin performs his stage show over 100 times each year, and the act has been tailored for a corporate audience. With clean humor, polished delivery, and customizations for your group, Kevin’s show will be the talk of your next meeting or special event.

Close-up Performances
For reception-style events, as well as cocktail hours before or after the main show, let Kevin generate a buzz with his close-up sleight of hand. Impressing your guests with everything from close-up mind-reading to pick-pocketing and impossible magic, Kevin will be the talk of the party.

This is the same type of magic that has won Kevin Viner 1st place awards at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as a first place title in the prestigious World Magic Seminar competition in Las Vegas.

Mentalist Kevin Viner provides one of the top interactive activities for corporate events and company meetings. Unlike a traditional magician with a show that is “all about them,” Kevin’s interactive mentalism show is all about your audience!

It is difficult to find ways to engage an audience with traditional forms of entertainment. If the program doesn’t scream “audience involvement,” guests will find ways to tune out and your planning of the perfect event will fall apart at the seams.

Kevin Viner’s program fixes these problems by providing a high impact, fun, and interactive program that will leave your guests thanking you for a job well done.

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