Hiring comedians for corporate conferences is a clever way to infuse humor and entertainment into the typically formal world of business gatherings.

These talented professionals bring a refreshing and lighthearted approach to the event, creating a memorable experience for attendees. Whether they’re delivering witty one-liners, clever anecdotes, or insightful observations, corporate comedians adeptly navigate the corporate landscape, ensuring their humor is relevant and in good taste. Their performances not only lighten the atmosphere but also promote team bonding and engagement.

Comedians for corporate conferences add a unique and enjoyable dimension to your event, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a positive, fun-filled atmosphere amidst the business discussions.

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Brian Apprille

Brian Apprille Comedian, a seasoned comedian with a flair for the corporate stage, emerges as a beacon of laughter and inspiration in this dynamic environment. With his unique blend of humor and corporate savvy, Brian Apprille has established himself as a premier choice for businesses seeking more than just a laugh; they’re in pursuit of […]

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Don Packett is not your average comedian or master of ceremonies (emcee). He’s a unique blend of humor, charisma, and unbridled energy that transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. With a career spanning more than a decade, Don Packett has made a name for himself as a renowned comedian emcee, captivating audiences with his quick […]

  • Johannesburg, SA
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Adam Christing Emcee

In the world of corporate events, where professionalism meets the need for entertainment, one name shines brightly: Adam Christing Comedian. With a knack for weaving humor seamlessly into any occasion, Adam is renowned for his ability to uplift spirits, foster camaraderie, and leave lasting impressions. As a seasoned comedian, magician, and master of ceremonies, Adam […]

  • Brevard, NC
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Tom Coverly Comedian is a professional comedian, magician and motivational speaker. Tom has performed live on stage for over 4 millions people around the world headlining several tours. He is the most requested motivational entertainer in America and recently nominated for the motivational & inspirational award for the Cheer Choice Awards at the MGM Grand […]

  • Pensacola, FL
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speakers inc

It’s pretty simple what Mark Mayfield does: he talks about very serious stuff in a very funny way. Mark has one of the most diversified backgrounds in the speaking industry having owned and operated several businesses ranging from livestock production to nightclubs to golf instruction, and also spent ten years as a lobbyist in Washington, […]

  • Tuscan, AZ
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Derrick Tennant made the most of a tragedy in his life by creating an opportunity for a career. As a promising athlete, Derrick was progressing in his dream for a career in sports when one evening he laid down but did not wake up for three days. He had undergone what doctors would later term random […]

  • Atlanta, GA
Dewayne Hill

Dewayne Hill has been Nominated #1 Corporate Act and Nominated Best Entertainment Option Category and Nominated Best Clean Comedy Entertainment! My show has a great blend of comedy and magic (All G-rated) and has audience participation. Option 1: Stage Performance: Running Time: 30 to 55 minutes. This is an option for entertainment. This is Dewayne […]

  • Tampa, FL

Josh Sundquist is a Paralympian and bestselling author who has shared his story at events across the world. His high-energy blend of humor and inspiration motivates audiences to adopt his ski racing motto 1MT1MT (one more thing, one more time) to elevate their performance in sales, customer service, quality improvement, leadership, and more. Josh is […]

  • Santa Monica, CA

James P. Connolly is a stand-up comedian and radio/TV host  known for his playful, confident style and quick wit. During the 2020 Pandemic James has logged in scores of shows over Zoom and can now perform anywhere in the world on a moments notice without leaving his living room. He attended Harvard University on a Marine […]

  • Los Angeles, CA
Joel Zeff Comedian

Joel Zeff Comedian started his professional career as a newspaper journalist and public relations executive. In 1994, Joel went out on his own as corporate communications specialist. He helped clients with their employee communications, media relations, strategy and customer marketing. Throughout the consulting process, Joel realized his clients – many of them high-level technology and […]

  • Dallas, TX
The Watercoolers

For nearly 15 years, THE WATER COOLERS have entertained audiences around the world, as far reaching as Singapore and Australia, with their high energy, uncommonly funny, honest take on work and life. Smart phones, conference calls, kids, co-workers, and travel are just a few of the topics this group of top NYC talent turns into […]

  • New York, NY
Christine Cashen

People across the globe are raving about Christine Cashen and her refreshing take on everyday life. Christine is one of the few individuals to meet the rigorous induction criteria of the National Speakers Association, CPAE Speaker Hall Of Fame, and there’s no question that she deserves that honor; her effortless ability to pull in any […]

  • Fort Worth. TX
Trevor Noah

The young and vibrant Trevor Noah started his career in the entertainment industry on the popular local soapie “isidingo” and soon thereafter hosted an educational show on Sabc2 for two years. While still on TV Trevor started hosting his own radio show “Noah’s Ark” on Gauteng radio Station “Yfm”. Moving into the world of Comedy, Trevor quickly […]

  • New York, NY
Jess Pettitt

Jess Pettitt, M.Ed., CSP, has always had a foot in two different approaches to her life. Perhaps it is her Texas roots, but she believes to thrive in this world you have to ride two horses at once – one of humility and one of ego. This is why while hosting and performing stand-up in […]

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Clint Pulver

Clint Pulver Comedian is the high-energy keynote speaker for today’s audiences. He is a mesmerizing blend of Motivational Keynote Speaker, Musician, Comedian, Emmy Award-winner and Leading Authority on Employee Retention. Every year, Clint travels the globe as the UNDERCOVER MILLENNIAL speaking to hundreds of organizations with his high-energy performance and rock-the-house keynotes, tailored to every […]

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Jeff Civillico Las Vegas

Jeff Civillico Comedian provides the credibility, experience, and polish of an established Las Vegas Headliner customized to fit your client, venue, and audience. Jeff has developed his own unique brand of entertainment he calls “Comedy in Action” – a blend of physical comedy, action-packed stunts, and world class juggling / balancing with friendly audience interaction […]

  • Las Vegas, NV

Pat McGann is quickly rising as one of the sharpest stand-ups in the comedy world. A relative latecomer to the scene, Pat began stand up at the age of 31 after realizing he was not very good at selling packaging. He hustled his way to become the house emcee at Zanies Chicago, where he distinguished […]

  • Chicago, IL
Scott Christopher

Scott Christopher is co-author of the best-selling business book The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up, People People and The Seven UPS of Happiness. As the former director of the Carrot Culture, Scott was also a contributing author of the very good selling A Carrot A Day, The Daily Carrot Principle. In addition to having a Master’s degree in […]

  • Salt Lake City, UT

San Jose, California native Anjelah Nicole Johnson made a huge splash with one of the most successful, viral comedy videos of all time, “Nail Salon.” This was one of the most-viewed YouTube and Google videos of 2007, and propelled Anjelah to new heights of touring, television and beyond.  Her second YouTube video “Bon Qui Qui at King […]

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Matin Atrushi parents were Kurdish political refugees from Northern Iraq, forced out by Saddam Hussein’s troops where they escaped into the Kurdish capital of America, Bismarck, North Dakota. “The great thing about being a minority in North Dakota is that you can double as multiple races because no one can really tell. This week I […]

  • San Diego, CA

Award-Winning Speaker and Inspirational Comedian. Judson Laipply promises to do two things: make you laugh and make you think. And for the last seven years, his passion for both has entertained and educated audiences all over the world. Judson is an award-winning speaker and performer who utilizes a phenomenon labeled “Inspirational Comedy” to blend the […]

  • Lakewood, OH
speakers inc

Mark Robinson is one of the hottest comedy acts in the country. He is more than just a magician, he’s a comedian, illusionist, juggler, and master of ceremonies, making him one of the most versatile entertainers in the industry. His hilarious stand up comedy has garnered him rave reviews at comedy clubs and an invitation […]

  • Atlanta, GA
Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is an actor, artist, comedian, and writer who’s been working in every aspect of popular culture for decades, creating touchstone roles, provocative paintings, and comic commentary every step of the way. Best known as Biff from the Back to the Future movies, Tom Wilson brings his enthusiasm and charisma to the stage. He has always kept his […]

  • Los Angeles, CA
David Ferrell

For over 20 years, comedian and speaker David Ferrell has shown audiences that comedy can be clean and funny! Three-time nominee for Inspirational Comedian of the Year by ICM Awards As Heard on Sirius/XM “Laugh USA” Named one of five “Hot Acts in America” by Event Solutions Magazine In addition to his uproarious tales about everyday life, David delights […]

  • Simpsonville, SC

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