An Auctioneer Emcee, also known as a “Bid Caller,” is a charismatic and skilled professional responsible for leading and orchestrating auctions.

They serve as the master of ceremonies during auction events, whether they are for charity fundraisers, art collections, antiques, or any other auctionable items. The Auctioneer Emcee combines elements of entertainment and salesmanship, using their distinctive vocal talents and engaging personality to captivate the audience and encourage competitive bidding. Their role involves not only maintaining the flow of the auction but also building excitement and rapport with bidders to maximize the final sale prices.

In essence, an Auctioneer Emcee plays a pivotal role in making auctions lively, entertaining, and financially successful events.

Jordan Campbell

Born in his native Scotland,  Jordan Campbell excels in engaging audiences in a professional & interactive fashion – in Atlanta & across the USA. An award-winning Event & TV Host, Emcee & Auctioneer, Jordan loves to connect with guests in a professional & lively fashion. Having spoken in front of the British Royal Family & […]

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Event Emcee
JMiz Emcee

When you are searching for JMiz Emcee or Master of Ceremonies, it is a very important decision. They are to keep your event on track and your guests entertained. Jason Mizrachi aka JMiz Emcee is one of the marquee voices in sports and events in South Florida. Jason was The Voice of the University of […]

  • Miami, FL
  • Event Emcee
Freda Liu Emcee

A powerhouse communicator and connector, Freda Liu Emcee is a global speaker, author, broadcast journalist, emcee, moderator and trainer. She believes in the concept of revolving to evolve; a journey she personally embodies and imparts to others through her books and her work. Freda has written six books namely “Life’s a Stage – Stories Of […]

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Emcee Moderator
Tom Stebbins

Tom Stebbins is not just an event emcee; he’s an international entertainer, speaker, emcee, and auctioneer who has captivated audiences across the globe, from the vibrant streets of Madrid to the serene vineyards of the Napa Valley. With a dynamic stage presence, a quick wit, and a passion for creating memorable experiences, Tom Stebbins brings […]

  • New York, NY
  • Event Emcee
Juliette Vara

With years of experience in media and broadcasting, Juliette Vara is a seasoned emcee who brings unparalleled expertise to every event she hosts. From intimate charity gatherings to massive corporate conferences, Juliette has captivated audiences of all sizes, ensuring each event is memorable, engaging, and seamlessly executed. Juliette Vara | Professional Emcee Professional Background Juliette’s […]

  • Nashville, TN
  • Event Emcee

CLINT BELL is the master of ceremonies. Having been behind the microphone since a young age, Clint has become a professional MC, voice-over actor and fast-talker. His charming personality and vivacious voice has helped organizations like Rady Children’s Hospital, The San Diego Wine Festival, The Madeline School, and Tri-City Medical successfully raise awareness and funds. Clint’s […]

  • San Diego, CA
  • Event Emcee
Duffy Fainer

Duffy Fainer is a professional interactive entertainer, based in San Diego. A two-time Olympic announcer and an aviation world record holder in skydiving, he set out to create a new benchmark for interactive entertainment. He has succeeded in making a splash with such notable names as The Midway Museum, Extraordinary Event Meeting Planners, Uniglobe Meeting […]

  • San Diego, CA
  • Event Emcee

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