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Dr Thando Sibanda | Leadership Speaker

Dr Thando Sibanda
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About:  Dr Thando Sibanda | Leadership Speaker

Dr Thando Sibanda is a Professional Speaker, author and Master Coach. A trained expert in personal and professional development; he offers keynotes, strategic Interventions and workshops to corporate audiences.

Thando is a leadership and corporate development expert who through customized Inspirational keynotes and in-depth interventions, helps teams and organizations get unstuck, progress from any point where they are towards their desired goals. 

As Africa’s Premier Mind set expert, Dr Thando Sibanda is certified through the Lets live Coaching Institute and is affiliated with the GLOBAL Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals (GFSMCP), Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) as well as the Federation for Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals (NLPCP).

He is also a qualified leadership Coach certified by the John Maxwell Company, Africa. Thando holds a PHD in Leadership and Management and currently heads up Ideal Traits PTY LTD, an international people development company.
The following professional training and speaking services are available in the nature of keynotes or workshops done at your company that will help amplify your corporate message and inspire staff at your next corporate meeting, conference or retreat.


Dr Thando Sibanda | Leadership Speaker


Dr Thando Sibanda Intervention keynotes are as follows:
Creating a Winning Mind set In this intervention, Dr Thando Sibanda – Strategic Interventions moves a mediocre performer into championship exploits and thinking through inspiring the very core of our existence, the subconscious mind. A tweak in the belief system and internal processing metas will turn a failure mind-set into a winning one.

The value system gets a facelift and we reach out to the winner’s podium – where we all belong. An organisation with employees who are fully present, fully engaged and fully functional will prosper. This intervention is a must have for individuals and organisations eager to let go of limiting beliefs and thrive on the fast edged 21st century with a winning mind set.

The four Members of a Team
“One is too Small a number to win championships”. In this deeply inspirational and reflective intervention, Thando deconstructs the secret behind winning teams and takes the audience through the four members of a winning team.
This teaching helps everyone find themselves in the team setup and eliminates silo mind sets and implosive competition within the same team.

Go on an exciting transformation journey and discover the power and make up of a winning team. This transformation training is a must have for organisations that believe in building and fostering the culture of working in teams Creating a Memory of the Future! – Harnessing the Force of Change

Change is the biggest constant in our lives both professional and personal. Individuals and organisations that thrive in today’s competitive world have mastered the three point challenge of change. Discover how to manage change and keep your organisation/team ahead of the change curve. Harness the force of change. This intervention is beneficial for organisations planning to or going through change.
The Smell of the place – Creating an enabling culture in your organisation
You can smell it when you go through the doors of any business – whether it has the atmosphere of Calcutta in summer or Fontainebleau in spring. The culture of the organisation determines the smell of the place.
It’s important to note that culture will eat strategy for breakfast. Culture must be defined, inculcated and driven from the top. A lot of organisations have volumes of strategy but lack the right culture to align their business.
In this transformation keynote/Intervention, Dr Thando Sibanda – Strategic Interventions  helps your executives and teams mould and model the right culture that will turn the smell of your organisation from Calcutta in Summer into Fontainebleau in Spring.
Disruption – Principles of staying ahead of the Pack
When Skype came into the picture, it totally disrupted the long distance calling industry. When the email came, the post office lost its mojo. When the Apple IPhone was introduced, Blackberry and Nokia became casualties. What happens when companies that have enjoyed the limelight for a century like Kodak, plateau and ignore innovation? – Disruption.
The Podium Finish – Winning is intentional
The world celebrates a Podium finish…we all love the Gold, Silver& Bronze. No one is appreciated just for showing up…through conquest; one must take their place on the Winner’s Podium!  Life has its podium moments. These are ephemeral seasons of Appreciation, Acclaim and Celebration in recognition of outstanding human endeavour.
The Four prints are:

Your Blue Print ( Focusing on Purpose)  Finger Print( Identity) Thumb Print( Brand proposition) and Footprint( Influence)  Each of the 4 sessions for the day will focus on a different print and help attendees understand the power of the print and how to unlock their print in the individual and business context.

It is within this model that the other teachings i do come in under specific prints. We will also do print mapping with them so they can assess their current purpose impact.
What makes this service different to others?
Dr Thando Sibanda – Strategic Interventions is an engaging and inspiring speaker that leaves audiences with a memorable take away. His intervention will benefit your organisation in the following ways:
• Help amplify your corporate message to staff members.
• Uplift and inject new energy into your staff and vision.
• Get buy in from staff into your strategic direction.
• Refresh and refocus staff members on the key imperatives of the business.
• Inspire personal development through behavioral change in staff members.
• Increase in happiness levels among staff members.


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  • In-Person Rate: $ 5,001 - 10,000

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