Dr Catriona Wallace

  • Sydney, NSW
  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000

Tagline: Artificial Intelligence

Talent Highlights

  • An entrepreneur in the AI field, adjunct professor and an expert in digital transformation, the future of work, responsible technology and women in leadership.
  • Catriona’s rare experience as one of the first women leaders in advanced technology means that she is ideally suited to present on these important and highly topical subjects and does so in a way that is highly accessible and informative, non-technical, engaging and inclusive.
  • She is an Adjunct Professor with a PhD in Organizational Behaviour and brings a strong evidence-based approach to her work and speaking topics.

Keynote Topics

Dealing with Polarisation in the Workplace 

We live in a world that is highly polarised. Young people think this is the first time this has happened – they are experiencing Government intervention, vaccination mandates and control. Yet this is not the first time our generations have faced global upheaval and polarisation. Indeed, it has happened at least 33 major times in the last century.

When polarisation happens, it is usually your tribe polarised with another. This time the polarisation is within the tribe. Work colleagues, teammates, families, friendships, relationships – all are experiencing polarisation within their own tribes. So, what happens to a team or an organisation where there is a high level of polarity? How do you manage through this?

In this presentation, Dr. Catriona Wallace, explores the concept of United Polarity, where the existence of polarised positions, although seemingly counter, actually can work to produce a stronger team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding polarity.
  • Developing practices to manage polarity within teams.
  • Utilising polarity to forge stronger bonds and create stronger teams.
  • How to reduce organisational angst and friction.

AI is the fastest-growing tech sector in the world, driving the digital transformation of both public and private sector organisations.

Leaders are asking what is the best way to transform operations to leverage AI and other emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, 5G, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

And what role do humans play in a digitised business and economy?

The need for this knowledge has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Dr. Wallace presents the state of the market for AI and emerging technologies and shares how organisations should think about the Digital Transformation of their current operations and people.

Key takeaways:

  • State of the emerging technology market.
  • Briefing on the AI sector.
  • Models for Digital Transformation.
  • How to manage Humans, processes and ethics.
  • Expected benefits and costs of technology-led transformation.
  • Future-proofing.

As evidenced in the hit film, ‘The Social Dilemma’ big tech is controlling much of what we consume, read, like and do. But does the technology sector have our best interests at heart?

Are the commercial drivers for technology not aligned to individual and society’s values? And who is regulating this largely uncontrolled sector and what can we do about it?

In this presentation, Dr. Wallace discusses the role of big tech, the good and the bad, and how models of Responsible Technology with Ethics and Human Rights at its core and the rise of the ‘Ethical Leader’ must be the way forward.

Key takeaways:

  • The role of Big Tech, AI and Algorithmic Decision Making.
  • Regulation and control of AI and emerging tech.
  • Models of Responsible Technology.
  • Ethics & Human Rights technology Frameworks.
  • The attributes of the Ethical Leader.

Including: Human + Machine,The Dangers of Gender Bias and Educating for the Future

AI is now the fastest growing technology sector globally, expanding in investment 12-fold over the next 5 years. AI is expected to replace 1.8 million jobs and it will generate 2.3 million jobs in the next 12 months. But whose jobs are these? And how do organisations gear up for having digital employees as well as human employees? Dr. Wallace presents a discussion on the Future of Work that is AI-driven where machines augment human workers and automate work functions. Is this all going to be good? What could go wrong? Dr. Wallace presents the skills and capabilities that leaders and organisational designers, operations, HR professionals and Educators need to know about the coming of the human+machine era.

Key takeaways:

  • State of the AI market.
  • The changing nature of jobs: AI-augmented and automated work.
  • Workplace risks through gender bias.
  • Skills needed for managing the new era of human+machine.
  • The attributes of an AI & digital savvy leader.
  • Characteristics of an Ethical Technology Leader.

Including: Women in Leadership, Gender Bias in Code, Women in STEM, The Heroine’s Journey and Learning Consent (teaching sexual consent and other consent models).

Dr. Catriona Wallace shares her story of being a leader of an Artificial Intelligence company in the US and Australia, seeking investment and being one of the few women leading a Listed technology company. Catriona, using humour and real-life examples, will share her experiences and unconventional ways of navigating difficult environments in order to achieve her goals, including raising her five children along the way. Dr. Wallace draws on the broad field of Diversity and Inclusion to create bespoke presentations that will align with your brief, audience and organisation.

Key takeaways:

  • Models for Women in Leadership and in STEM.
  • How to program and/or code ethically.
  • The Heroine’s Journey model – navigating women’s career experiences.
  • Models for Women of Power and the Good Men who support them.
  • Technical training in sexual consent and other consent models.

Dr Catriona Wallace is an entrepreneur in the Artificial Intelligence field, and Founder & Executive Director of the Stock Exchange listed company Flamingo AI – a Machine-Learning company with headquarters in New York and Sydney. Having recently been inducted into the Royal Institution of Australia in 2019, recognising her excellence in scientific achievement and commitment […]

Dr Catriona Wallace is an entrepreneur in the Artificial Intelligence field, and Founder & Executive Director of the Stock Exchange listed company Flamingo AI – a Machine-Learning company with headquarters in New York and Sydney.

Having recently been inducted into the Royal Institution of Australia in 2019, recognising her excellence in scientific achievement and commitment to science in Australia, Dr Catriona Wallace is one of the world’s most cited experts on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics & Human Rights in technology and Women in Leadership.

Dr Catriona Wallace has established herself as the innovative go-to expert for optimizing customer experience. As a result, she’s the most natural authority to consult with when looking at ways to introduce emerging technologies into business.

In 2014, Catriona founded artificial intelligence FinTech Flamingo AI, a company working at the cutting edge of AI technology to provide Cognitive Virtual Assistants for employees and customers.

Flamingo AI is the second only female led (CEO & Chair) business ever to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Dr Catriona Wallace | AI Technology

She has a long list of accolades that has seen her recognised as one of the most influential women in business & entrepreneurship. She has achieved significant awards in technology & innovation and recently won the FinTech Leader and Overall Excellence in Finance award by Women in Finance (2018).

In large part, this success comes directly as a result of her ability to analyze data and identify specific problems, giving her the knowledge she needs to develop novel solutions.

With a dedicated passion for encouraging more women to pursue careers in technology, Catriona is leading by example.

She has a PhD in Organizational Behavior and is a published author and analyst.

Catriona’s links with business schools around the world allow her to share international practice and case studies, and as such brings a strong evidence-based approach to her speaking topics.

Catriona is also a philanthropist, human rights activist and mother of five.

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