Donnie Campbell

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Talent Highlights

  • Real-Life Inspiration for Ted Lasso: Coach Donnie Campbell’s journey from a math teacher and high school basketball coach in Kansas to becoming the real-life inspiration behind one of the most beloved characters on television, Ted Lasso, is a testament to the power of mentorship and belief. His influence on Jason Sudeikis during their time at Shawnee Mission West underscores the profound impact educators and coaches can have on shaping lives beyond the classroom or court.
  • Indelible Mark on Millions: Campbell’s pearls of wisdom and guidance, unknowingly imparted to Sudeikis and his team, have resonated with millions worldwide through the hit series Ted Lasso. His role as a source of inspiration for the character, portrayed with wit and wisdom by Sudeikis, has elevated Campbell from obscurity to prominence, showcasing the enduring legacy of mentorship and belief.
  • Message of Belief and Resilience: At the core of Coach Donnie Campbell’s speaking influence lies a powerful message of belief and resilience. Drawing from his experiences coaching Sudeikis and his team, Campbell delivers keynote addresses infused with humor, humility, and heartfelt sincerity. His ability to connect on a deeply human level resonates with audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, inspiring them to embrace challenges with unwavering optimism and determination.
  • Empowerment through Authenticity: Event planners seeking to empower their audience with authentic and inspiring content can trust Coach Donnie Campbell to deliver an unforgettable experience. His authentic approach to storytelling, coupled with his genuine passion for mentorship, ensures that each attendee leaves inspired and empowered to pursue their goals with renewed vigor and belief in their potential.

Keynote Topics

Leadership Lessons from the Coach who Inspired Ted Lasso

Coach Donnie Campbell is not just an inspirational coach, but also in part, the impetus for the wise and ever so cheerful lead character of the Emmy Award Winning show, Ted Lasso. His colorful keynote provides valuable leadership lessons that can be seen on the court, but more importantly applied in the workplace.

At a time when embracing your uniqueness is a rare quality, he shows how to define your core values while forming your mission, values and plan.

This one-of-a-kind keynote is a real treat for the audience as it combines heartfelt storytelling with specific lessons in leadership that are just as successful on the basketball court as they are when applied in the real world. Donnie weaves together his personal stories of inspiration with tactical take-away’s that are more than applicable and welcomed in today’s challenging environment.

Donnie’s presentation hits on the following leadership principles and more:

Believe: In a world that seems to be defeating each person in some way,  that there is a reason that people are attracted to kindness and good.

MVP: You are your own most “valuable” player – but it’s important to know your MVP – (mission/values/plan) as it builds the foundation for everything else.

Motivation and Mentoring: if you are open to it, mentors can provide some of the most meaningful lessons, ones that you will carry with you for years (Donnie shares the invaluable advice he learned from others, how he still carries the knowledge with him today and uses it to motivate his players)

Leadership: You continue to learn when you have a leader and then you learn even more when you become one

Confidence: A simple premise in theory, but it really has many layers – Donnie shares how to build it in yourself and others

Know Your Why: When you are a great leader and you are clear on your “why” – the rest will take care of itself and you will get results beyond what you ever imagined.

Success: Many ways to define success – but it all boils down to how you define it and what matters to you.

Note: Throughout his presentation, there are several quick references to the Ted Lasso show and how Donnie feels about being the inspiration for the show.


  • Know how to establish your own MVP. When you have a mission, values and a plan, you can be clear on your purpose, focus and make better decisions. This will help you succeed both personally and professionally.
  • Leadership comes in all forms. When you realize what each person brings to the team, you can find ways to motivate each of them individually, while also having them realize the importance of working together to reach their goals.
  • Recognize the importance of supporting future leaders as they learn the ropes and form their own set of values. It’s easy enough to tell them to have self-confidence and know their “why,” but you also have to appreciate that it takes years of experience for someone to accomplish this.
  • Having a sense of inner humility can positively affect how you lead. It’s not found in big words, but rather it is found in character, how you look at life and how you treat others.
  • Developing people first through building character and trust will result in long-term success beyond short-term wins.
  • Purposeful and challenging practice builds communication, resilience, and improvement through managed failure.
  • Accountability starts from the top: admit mistakes, learn from them, and improve together to move forward.
  • A culture of respect, hard work, and teamwork unleashes potential where people value and support one another.

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  • Greenwood, MO

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Coach Donnie Campbell is not just a math teacher and high school basketball coach from Kansas; he’s a catalyst for inspiration and a testament to the profound impact a mentor can have on shaping lives. His journey from obscurity to prominence began in the late 1990s when he coached Jason Sudeikis, now a renowned actor […]

Coach Donnie Campbell is not just a math teacher and high school basketball coach from Kansas; he’s a catalyst for inspiration and a testament to the profound impact a mentor can have on shaping lives. His journey from obscurity to prominence began in the late 1990s when he coached Jason Sudeikis, now a renowned actor and star of the Emmy Award-winning series, Ted Lasso. Little did Campbell know that his words of wisdom would echo through time, shaping not only Sudeikis’ portrayal of Ted Lasso but also influencing millions worldwide.

Campbell’s story intertwines with the fabric of Ted Lasso, a character beloved for his unwavering optimism and belief in the human spirit. As Sudeikis shared on the late show with Stephen Colbert, Campbell’s guidance during their time at Shawnee Mission West left an indelible mark, serving as the bedrock for the character’s ethos. For those who resonate with the message of belief in Ted Lasso, Campbell’s influence offers a tangible connection to the real-life inspiration behind the beloved series.

Donnie Campbell | Leadership Speaker

Expertise and Background

With a career spanning both academia and athletics, Coach Donnie Campbell embodies the fusion of intellect and sportsmanship. As a math teacher, he imparts not only mathematical principles but also life lessons, instilling in his students a sense of perseverance and determination. His tenure as a high school basketball coach extends beyond the court, as he mentors young athletes, shaping not only their skills but also their character.

Campbell’s speaking influence transcends the confines of the classroom and basketball court, resonating with audiences at events worldwide. Drawing from his experiences coaching Sudeikis and his team, he delivers keynote addresses infused with humor, wisdom, and a profound belief in the potential of every individual. His ability to blend personal anecdotes with universal truths captivates audiences, leaving them inspired to embrace challenges with optimism and resilience.

Why Book Coach Donnie Campbell

Event planners seeking a speaker who can ignite inspiration and foster a culture of belief need look no further than Coach Donnie Campbell. His unique blend of storytelling, humor, and genuine passion for mentorship makes him an invaluable addition to any event lineup. Whether addressing students, athletes, or professionals, Campbell’s message of belief resonates universally, transcending boundaries of age, background, and experience.

By booking Coach Donnie Campbell, event planners can ensure their audience receives not only a memorable experience but also tangible insights that can catalyze personal and professional growth. His authentic approach to storytelling, coupled with his ability to connect on a deeply human level, ensures that each attendee leaves empowered to embrace challenges with unwavering belief in their potential.

Why Choose Speakers Inc

Event planners tasked with curating exceptional experiences for their audience can trust Speakers Inc to deliver top-tier talent like Coach Donnie Campbell. With a roster of renowned speakers spanning various industries and expertise, Speakers Inc ensures that every event receives a customized solution tailored to its unique objectives and audience demographics.

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Summary and Conclusion

In the realm of inspirational figures, Coach Donnie Campbell stands as a beacon of hope, belief, and unwavering optimism. From his humble beginnings as a math teacher and high school basketball coach in Kansas to his role as the real-life inspiration behind Ted Lasso, Campbell’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of mentorship and belief in oneself.

Through his speaking engagements, Campbell continues to inspire audiences worldwide, sharing his message of belief and resilience with humor, humility, and heartfelt sincerity. Event planners seeking to infuse their programming with authenticity and inspiration can trust Coach Donnie Campbell to deliver an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

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