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Vinh Giang | Communication Speaker

  • Sydney NSW, Australia

About:  Vinh Giang | Communication Speaker

As an experienced keynote speaker, Vinh Giang knows that what transpires on stage is not about him. It’s 100% about the audience. It’s about the life-changing lessons.

“Let me help you create an unforgettable experience at your conference.”
About Me

It’s about the life-changing lessons he’s been so fortunate to learn along the way and sharing them in a manner that transforms people. That’s where magic happens.

Vinh Giang family are refugees from Vietnam. They arrived in Australia in 1981, March 31st.

My dad has always shared with me a simple concept – life is a miracle.

He used to tell me:

“Son, do you know how ridiculous it is that you are alive?

If your mother or I died in the war, you wouldn’t be here. If your grandparents didn’t meet, you wouldn’t be here. Heck, lets take it back 50,000 generations.

If a cave man ate a poisonous fruit and died, that’s our entire bloodline vanished from this earth..

It took millions of years of serendipitous events for you to be here, and now that you are here, you are alive for 80 years on average.

When you compare how long it took for you to get here versus how long you are here for.. it’s like you are alive for 1 minute.

It’s a privilege to be alive.

In this life of yours,remember to do what you love and jump as high as you can in life.

As long as I am alive, I will forever be your net.”

That right there is why Vinh Giang has achieved the things he has in life and why I have become the man I am today – Family. My drive to jump as high as I can in life comes from my family.

All through Vinh Giang childhood, he watched his family build and grow businesses. They built; farms, grocery stores, take away diners, pharmacies and even commercial property.

By the time he hit 13, Vinh Giang had all the entrepreneurial characteristics embedded deep in me. It was the year 2000 when eBay first started to become popular, and I remember buying so many different things from there and selling them to my friends for double the price!

Needless to say, I didn’t have too many friends. Not only this, I moved schools a total of 4 times.

This happened because some of the kids wouldn’t pay me after they bought music players from me, and I would then give the bully some money to rough them up a little.

Long story short, I made it to university and studied accounting. With only 6 months left to go in my degree, I came home and told my parents I was going to quit and build a business on the internet to teach magic….

This is when things get really interesting! But I guess you’ll have to wait for the keynote 🙂

Vinh Giang | Communication Speaker

Anything is possible.
People often ask how I got into magic. I usually just give a quick reply, but it’s only because I don’t want to bore people to death with my long story… But I will bore you here! HA!


My whole magic journey began to really gain traction after I had a moment where the penny dropped and I finally understood what Robert Houdin (amazing magician) meant when he said:

“A magician is an actor playing the part of the magician.”

After I began to understand the meaning behind this quote, I focused all my energy on studying the art of performance and not presentation. This is where my journey began.

When you are eager for an event with WOW power. Mesmerizing messages that spark electrified engagement with your audience. Empowering connection to the speaker, story, and enlightening strategies. What you need – is a Keynote Speaker who can literally read people with extraordinary accuracy. A Magician. A Showman. A Storyteller. What you need is Vinh Giang.

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  • C-Suite Coaching

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  • Asian

Keynote Topics

With this topic, Vinh presents the audience with several magic performances, and invites them to offer their solutions as to how they were done. In going through this process, the audience learns quickly that perspective is the key to solving any problem. After all, magic is just a problem that the general public do not have the solution to. While it may appear complicated, remember that magic tricks are problems specifically designed to never be solved. Now if you can get even a small insight into how to solve magic tricks, imagine the clarity you will take into the other problems in your business and personal lives. Magicians are great problem solvers: it’s a skill they inherit as a result of learning such a secretive art.




Travels from: Sydney NSW, Australia

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  • Magicians
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  • 35,001 - 50,000

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