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Thato Kgatlhanye | Innovation Entrepreneur

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

About:  Thato Kgatlhanye | Innovation Entrepreneur

Thato Kgatlhanye is an international award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and author on a mission to help you be intentional about your success and to become the greatest version of you.

She had the honour to work in New York with marketing guru and author of twelve best-selling books, Seth Godin.

Upon her return, she co-authored a book in 27 days titled ‘Start an Empire with a Brand’.

Thato is the CEO of Rethaka, a purpose driven environmental and manufacturing company which has been recognized for its innovative nature by Bill Gates.

Rethaka successfully launched its first multi-award winning innovation, Repurpose Schoolbags; solar powered backpacks fitted with a solar panel, which changes during the day and transforms into a light to study at night.

As a thought leader for the next generation, Thato Kgatlhanye is the founder of Seven Twelve, an ideation agency.

Thato Kgatlhanye | Innovation Entrepreneur

Her pursuit to do work that matters made her the youngest woman at the age of 23 to appear on the cover of Forbes Women Africa.

A dynamic speaker, she has been invited to speak on various stages in South Africa, Mozambique, USA and Austria.

Her life’s work tells a narrative of a new breed of women in business and her efforts thus far have earned her recognition in business circles, the most recent being the Elle International Impact Award, she received in Paris.

“’Think in years, plan in months, work in days’ is a mantra I live by that has led me to being international about my success.

Through many generations, we have built the largest economic engine in history that allows for remarkable things to happen.

Thato Kgatlhanye

All the tools are here: the market is waiting, the capital is waiting, those seated in boardroom chairs are waiting.

Waiting for someone to show up. In this awe-inspiring keynote, Thato Kgatlhanye will share stories about unlikely heroes, businesses organizing for joy and science gone wrong, all in the pursuit to inspire those in the room to stop postponing their joy.

When I leave the stage, my mission is to have each person in the audience to arrive at a clear answer to this question:

‘How long will you make us wait before doing your best



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