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Simon Dingle | Top Technology Speaker

  • Cape Town, South Africa

About:  Simon Dingle | Top Technology Speaker

Simon Dingle – Technologist Broadcaster hosts a weekly radio show on 5FM and two podcasts – ‘Binary‘ and ‘Take Back the Day‘ where he explores the worlds of productivity, philosophy and transcendence through technology.

Simon also heads up product design at Curve and he is an advisor at AlphaCode and 22seven.

He’d rather be playing board games or surfing, but has been informed that the world is not going to change itself, and so he has rather opted to spend his time spreading critical thinking and attempting to move money out of the dark ages and the clutches of the evil forces that currently mismanage it.
Before focusing his design work on payments, Simon Dingle served as head of product at BitX where he became a regular media commentator on Bitcoin and block chain technologies.
Money is the second most important thing human beings have discovered since language, and it’s probably the most broken part of our modern world, making it an area of particular interest.
In the past Simon Dingle was a columnist for Finweek, Brainstorm and SA Computer Magazine, among others.

Simon Dingle is also a serial entrepreneur of varying success stretching from utter failure to surprising longevity with his co-founding of organisations that include Skratch Technology, Split Infinitive Broadcasting, Deathcard Media, Reshare, Massive Gap and Phantom Design.

When podcasting was young, Simon was excited. As a broadcaster and technologist he had finally discovered something that united his passions and provided new ways to embarrass himself.

Simon Dingle | Technology Speaker

He started one of the world’s first podcasts in 2005 with Seedcast that almost no one listened to. Not even his mother.
Not one for letting a lack of enthusiasm stop him, however, Simon went on to host the ZA Tech Show before starting Binary and Take Back the Day, the latter which he co-hosts with his friend and spirit-animal Sam Beckbessinger.
Simon Dingle other claims to fame include writing a chapter on Mark Shuttleworth for the book South Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs and serving as a communications consultant to technology firms including Google, Oracle, The Shuttleworth Foundation and others during his time at Hypertext Media Communications.
He was also a presenter on Talk Radio 702 from 2008 to 2010 and his first job in radio was while pretending to study at the University of Pretoria so that he could actually just be a DJ, then programme manager and then station manager at Tuks FM.
No, he didn’t complete a degree, in case you’re wondering. But he did enjoy the little bit of time spent in Psychology, Information Science, English Literature and Business Management classes, most of which consisted of arguing with lecturers and defacing outdated textbooks.
This may be hard to believe, especially since he has never entered any competitions, but Simon has also received some awards, including the Classic Business Journalist of the Year in 2011 for his columns on technology in Finweek, the Highway Africa New Media Personality of the Year for his hosting of the ZA Tech Show podcast, and a listing in the Mail & Guardians’ Top 200 Young South Africans edition of 2010.
Simon is passionate about open source technology and content, having been an active member of the iCommons network from 2005 until its resolution in 2008, and an administrator of the Mandriva Linux Users Board from 1999 to 2003 while he was still figuring out girls and how to wear clothes.
He believes that most of the world’s problems can be solved with design and critical thinking. As Simon is fond of saying, “Smart is not something you are, it’s something you do.”

Simon Dingle – Technologist Broadcaster


In Math We Trust

A keynote presentation on the topic of Simon’s book In Math We Trust that looks at the origins and dynamics of cryptocurrency, debunks myths surrounding Bitcoin and blockchains, and outlines what the new era of money means for you and your business.

In it you’ll learn where money comes from, how trust has evolved and why we don’t need banks anymore. Yes, I am crazy. After an hour of this shit you will be too.

You aren’t seeing what you’re seeing

Simon’s oldest talk that keeps being updated and revised. Yes, this is about behavioural economics, but hopefully unlike the other talks you’ve seen on the topic.

It’s basically an excuse for Simon to show you a lot of optical illusions and talk about how crazy brains are.

Knowing this stuff will give your business super-powers. Who knew? A whole bunch of evil companies, actually. Don’t be one.

What can Your Business Learn from Pokèmon Go?

Pokémon Go has broken all records to become the most successful product launch in history.
In this talk Simon Dingle breaks down the success of Pokémon Go and provides actionable insights that will benefit your business.
In less than a month, Pokémon go has:
• 20 million daily active users
• $35 million in revenue
• Doubled the value of Nintendo stock
Simon Dingle – Technologist Broadcaster will unpack how this happened, including insights into artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, rapid scaling and viral growth, plus much more.

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