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Podcast Host: Gianna Whitver

Podcast Description

This is the breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing podcast, a podcast produced by the Cybersecurity Marketing Society and Hacker Valley Media.


In this show, we’re going to hear from cybersecurity marketers who will share their ideas and their successes and failures, so that you become the best marketer you can be. Join us every week with a brand new episode, guaranteed to knock your SOCs off. Get it?

Gianna Whitver: Podcast Host, Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

I believe in the power of community. Of supporting and uplifting others. It sounds cliché, but making meaningful connections and helping others without expectation makes a difference.

Maria Velasquez: Podcast Host, Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

It’s so humbling to know, that this road we’re on is full of surprises. Each one turning the journey into an adventure. Bonus points if along the way, you pick up a few amazing humans that can celebrate you at each mile marker.

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