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Monica Sheri Scott | Corporate Culture

  • Edmond, OK, USA

About:  Monica Sheri Scott | Corporate Culture

As a Corporate Culture Specialist, Monica Sheri Scott shapes environments where people are inspired to lift their perspective and align their daily practices, so that they experience progress!

With a leadership portfolio spanning almost two decades, Monica Sheri Scott has layers of experience mentoring leaders, building teams, crafting culture and empowering individuals to grow through the highs and lows of life and business.

She speaks, writes, creates, and leads intentionally with a passionate commitment to see others succeed and find fulfillment. As a Keynote Speaker, Monica Sheri Scott is a fun and inspiring communicator, with her heart, humor, and passion to bring out the best in people.

Monica Sheri Scott will have your audience smiling, laughing, and thoughtfully motivated to tackle what lies ahead. Her “healthy team mission and healthy you” focus, contribute fresh perspectives that work. Monica Sheri Scott is full of positive energy and insights on the whole self and health of leaders and teams.

Monica Sheri Scott | Corporate Culture


The Sound Of Culture


Attendees will be inspired to intentionally progress, embrace unity, and press into the areas where a cultural breakthrough is needed through this keynote.


Every culture has a sound, and everyone is unique in their own right within that sound. Unity just like music is shaped by language, rhythm, tone, energy, instrumentation, and volume. When Monica Sheri Scott intentionally build these elements into our environment, we can create beautiful “music” with our teams, clients, and companies!

Everyone will be invited to consider these questions and ideas:
What is the sound of your culture? And what would you like the elements of your sound to be?

  1. The language and values.
  2. The rhythm or pace you keep.
  3. The tone or goals and markers of success.
  4. The energy you want others to feel through what you do and say.
  5. The instruments you use to carry it.
  6. The volume you want it to reach.

We must determine and keep the vision and beat we want others to hear, move to, and repeat.


  • Seeing culture differently.
  • They will understand culture in a new way that enables them to be more intentional about shaping environments and opportunities for people and business to thrive.
  • Valuing employees.
  • They will understand the importance of placing value on each one and the small or large part they play.
  • Improving teamwork.
  • They will be provided with team language and a framework, that moves toward performance improvement


Mastering The Art Of Restarts


Attendees will be inspired to grow, improve, be a team player, and press through where breakthrough is needed. They will also enjoy the energy and fun created by Monica Sheri Scott in this memorable keynote on this critical topic for every leader and company. 


We are only as resilient as our perspective of failures. The way we frame our past will determine how we paint our future. We must keep getting up! Keep showing up for yourself and others! 

Lessons from the weight room:

  1. To Failure: When was the last time you pushed yourself to failure, for the purpose of breakthrough growth? 
  2. You Go, I Go: Shared partnerships are the perfect framework for goals we need to complete together. 
  3. Correct Quietly, Encourage Loudly: Normalize needing encouragement, normalize giving encouragement, normalize form correction; so we all have a better chance at meeting our individuals goals collectively. 
  4. Keep Hustling: When one improves and grows, we all improve and grow. Individual improvement and growth should be priority! Keep showing up for yourself.
  5. Don’t save all the encouragement for games, encourage in the practice too: It doesn’t matter the weight you put up it matters that you are giving your best! We will ultimately perform under pressure how we practice, so don’t save all the encouragement, partnership, and growth mindsets for big projects, make it the culture of your personal business, collective work, and team daily.


  • Pushing past the point of failure.
  • This where our greatest growth personally, in teams, and in innovation will take place. Attendees will gather ideas and mindsets to set themselves and teams up for breakthrough. 
  • Performance improvement takes teamwork.
  • Even when it’s for or within an individual teamwork is needed. Hear and gather language for a culture of teamwork that moves toward performance improvement. 
  • Cognitive Reframing.
  • How people frame their previous work, accomplishments, and failures will determine the boundaries for them to paint their goals and dreams for the future. Emphasis on the framework will set individuals and teams up to paint a fantastic future!   


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