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Lesley Rochat | Shark Warrior

  • Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

About:  Lesley Rochat | Shark Warrior

Lesley Rochat has a longstanding speaking career includes presentations focused on keynotes, corporate team-building, inspirational talks and corporate workshops.

She is considered a global leader in ocean and shark conservation with a list of accolades to support. Her most recent achievement was being honoured as a Fellow Member, the highest level of membership, into the ultra- elite Explorers Club of the USA, joining both present and past members such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin, President Roosevelt, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, film director James Cameron.

Her talks focus on the following subjects which draw from her 22 year career as an ocean and shark conservationist, expedition leader, conservation photographer and filmmaker, social entrepreneur and purpose founder. She weaves her wealth of experience, which includes her corporate career in the financial sector into her presentations as per the client’s brief and style of presentation suited for the event.


  • Inspirational: overcoming fear, following your dreams, living a life of purpose.
  • New Business Models
  • Success Strategies
  • Environmental: Sustainability, Climate Change, Oceans, Sharks

While Lesley adjusts her talks to suit the brief and event, her popular talks are:

Lesley Rochat | Shark Warrior

  • Baitball, the New Business Model – New Business Model & success strategies can combine with workshop

As an environmental photojournalist, filmmaker and underwater photographer, Lesley Rochat has documented the famous Sardine Run of South Africa over 2 decades. The Sardine Run is referred to as the Greatest Shoal and Show on Earth, rivalling the wildebeest migration and the greatest gathering of predators known.

Yet despite the predators wanting the same resource, they all get their fill. In this entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, which links to the predators’ success on the baitball, Lesley shares the reasons why businesses need to change their business models if they are to ensure their survival in an ever-changing and challenging economic environment.

Lesley Rochat world-class photography and videography will keep the audience spell-bound, while she encourages them to identify directly with the predators of the baitball.

  • The Art of Super Survival – New Business Model & success strategies – can combine with workshop Nature is indeed our Greatest Teacher and if we only applied these lessons to our personal lives, or to our businesses, we would be far more successful, and have far more abundant lives, which is our birth-right.
  • Different animals teach us different things and after 22 years of working intimately with sharks, Lesley shares key strategies that has made sharks’ one of Nature’s greatest evolutionary successes. These survival strategies have been applied by many other species, and even used by successful businesses that have survived global economic crises such as COVID. In this presentation Lesley Rochat will share these secret strategies revealed to her by sharks in this thought-provoking talk suitable for both large or small corporations.
  • The Shark Warrior (The Shark and Me) – inspirational

The true story of how Lesley Rochat went from being nicknamed Shark Bait by her dive buddies because of her inherent fear of sharks, to being called the Shark Warrior. It includes the compelling story of how her life changed when she met a shark in an aquarium, packed up her corporate career to follow a dream, and influenced a decision to set the shark free after she had been in captivity for 9 years.

This deeply emotionally charged presentation will bring some to tears of joy, and certainly leave everyone feeling like they too can overcome their fears to live their dreams while leading a life of purpose.

  • Our Pale Blue Dot – environmental, climate change, sustainability

Our planet is peril and the next 10 years are critical if we are to save it. Lesley will lead the audience on a journey to the beginning of time to where we find ourselves today, looking at how we got here.

Lesley Rochat will share key issues of concern, and highlight that it is not all doom and gloom as countries, organisations and individuals unite to win the battle through sustainability, innovation, circular economies, renewable energy, and much more.

Lesley Rochat shares how each individual and business can make a difference, concluding with a story of hope: Maxine, the famous ragged-tooth shark’s true story of luck and survival and freedom.

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  • Wildlife

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Travels from: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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  • Banking
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  • Inspirational Speakers
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  • Ocean Advocate
  • Shark Speaker

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  • 5,001 - 10,000

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