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Kgadi Mmanakana | Employee Engagement

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

About:  Kgadi Mmanakana | Employee Engagement

The expensive problem Kgadi Mmanakana solves: EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AND DISENGAGEMENT

Employee Disengagement is standing in your way of gaining Competitive Advantage, that is:

  • Making Innovation Happen,
  • Having high Employee Morale,
  • Having Innovative & Proactive Team, and
  • Building Business Resilience.

We live in a fast-changing world where industries rise and fall, the mighty falls and startups rise-up, Customer needs rapidly change and employees strive for safe workplaces & work-life balance, society shifts, and economies get quarantined. And it is in these unstable times that leaders and businesses alike require a new way of thinking, doing and being to maintain their relevance in the workplace and market. And it starts with the every-day leadership and organizational culture practices.

Driven by the power of brave leadership and Courageous culture, as a Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Kgadi Mmanakana merges that power with her market intelligence (from over 6 years in strategy consulting and entrepreneurship development), systems thinking and pure passion to want to see people thriving and businesses staying in business, to provide business leaders, divisional directors.

Kgadi Mmanakana provides managers with new age leadership and culture practices that unlock Employee Engagement, and empower staff and sales teams with strategic insights, paradigm shift principles to use to advance themselves, and empower them into an inspired, innovative and thriving workforce.

Kgadi Mmanakana | Employee Engagement

In Kgadi Mmanakana Keynote Presentations and Motivational Seminars Kgadi inspires a new age leadership and culture that will enable you to unlock Employee Engagement and then draw maximum value, performance and innovation from your employees or team, thus driving productivity, profitability and overall business performance and resilience.

Every topical session is outcome based –  Kgadi Mmanakanadesigned to Solve a problemIncrease Employee Morale & Engagement, Inspire performance and Innovation; they’re all delivered in an engaging manner contextualised and customised for your audience with practical strategic insights that your audience can use immediately to advance themselves and transition them into a new way of thinking, doing and being.

Kgadi Mmanakana is an experienced Business Strategy Consultant, and a Professional Speaker and Author with a focused determination and passion to create possibilities of success for individuals, teams and businesses.

Kgadi Mmanakana is an Amazon Kindle published Author of over 5 books on Entrepreneurship and Strategy inclusive of Adapt or Get thrown out of Business by Covid19, Decoding X industrial Revolution, Decoding Entrepreneurship, The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship and 4IR and Career Choices.


  • Ambassador for possibility, Brand South Africa
  • Everyday Hero, Capricorn FM
  • Emerging Woman Leader, Vital Voices Mentoring Walk SA
  • Given distinction of Associate Fellow by Royal Commonwealth Society
  • Top Matric Achiever ’13 at her school with 4 distinctions (including her fave subject, Physical Science
  • Youngest speaker at the age 19 to a delegation of women engineers across Africa.
  • A woman who leads Africa, She Leads Africa
  • Featured as a hero for Activate Change Driver’s Heroes Book


Diversity and Inclusion is Good for Business

Today’s leading organizations and forward-thinking leaders understand that Diversity & Inclusion is much more than a buzzword, they realize it can be, that IT IS, a business strategy that is capable of driving company performance, enhancing innovation and employee engagement. And as a leader, be it a business owner or head of division or manager, to draw value from your employees or team members and reap all these benefits you will need to create a psychologically and emotionally safe environment for all.

When employees bring the true version of themselves to work, knowing their opinions matter, their voices are heard, feeling that they belong in the room and that their presence is desired, employee engagement and performance will improve.

In this courageous, inspiring, and practical keynote Kgadi will let you in on how you can embrace the call for Diversity and Inclusion in a way that works for your workforce and team and reap the strategic business benefits that comes with inclusion, such as employee engagement that unlocks innovation and performance.

Take-Away Messages

  • Paradigm shift on a touchy subject of Diversity & Inclusion, in an intriguing, inspiring and gentle way.
  • Insights on how D&I is a great business strategy that you could use to drive company/department performance, unlock innovation and employee engagement.
  • Practical leadership & culture practices you can use immediately to become more inclusive as a leader and an organization.
  • WHY you should be inclusive

Who should attend

Leaders and managers with diverse employees and wants to instill the culture of inclusivity in the organization, those with struggling with employee disengagement, and those who want to understand how they can get D&I right in a way that works well for the business and workforce.

  • Divisional Directors, Managers, CEOs, Business Leaders

How to Make Innovation Happen in your team or organisation

Making Innovation happen is not easy, since creating an innovative environment consists of challenging the status quo, charting new paths and requires synergies between company culture, leadership and management style. However, it is doable.

You can unlock innovative thinking and practices in your team. You can become the next innovative business or department that goes on to influence how things are done in your industry. The next disruptive innovative product, service or way of doing business can come from your team, your business. In this practical and inspiring keynote Kgadi will unpack how to use brave leadership and courageous culture to increase employee engagement, intrapreneurship and creative thinking.

Take-Away Messages

  • Ready to implement tactical leadership and culture practices that will unlock innovative and creative thinking in your team and drive a culture of innovation and performance.
  • Recap of what innovation is, why you should innovate, why some companies fail at innovation, and how you can create a culture that inspires creative thinking and ensure disruptive ideas are conceptualized and catch fire.

Who should attend

This  presentation is perfect for the leadership team; divisional directors, managers, executive and business owners

If the following (and related) are some of the challenges you’re facing, this inspiring keynote will help you and your team.

  • Uncompetitive products
  • Employee disengagement
  • Plateau profits and revenue
  • Customers switching to substitutes and your rivals

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  • Generational
  • Female
  • Person of Color
  • Empowerment

Race | Gender

  • African
  • Female



Travels from: Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry Specialities

  • In-Person
  • Virtual Speaker
  • C-Suite
  • Banking
  • Insurance


  • Customer Service
  • Black Female
  • Female speaker
  • Employee Engagement

Fee Range

  • 5,001 - 10,000

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