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Jack Daly | Expert Sales Speaker

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

About:  Jack Daly | Expert Sales Speaker

Jack Daly is a leading sales speaker and trainer with over 30 years of sales and executive experience. Jack’s track record is a testament to his real-world knowledge and extensive expertise in sales and sales management.

He started his professional journey at CPA firm Arthur Andersen and rose to the CEO level of several corporations, building six companies into national firms along the way, two of which he subsequently sold to the Wall Street firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston.

In addition to his comprehensive professional background, Jack holds a BS in Accounting, as well as an MBA, and was a Captain in the U.S. Army. Jack Daly is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has written and contributed to many books, including Hyper Sales Growth and The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth.

Jack Daly | Expert Sales Speaker

Jack is a 15-time Ironman competitor and has completed over 93 marathons in 50 states and on seven continents. He achieves these goals and lives life to the fullest by following his own Life by Design techniques.

In all of his business ventures, Jack Daly has a vision and a plan of action to achieve his goals. He lives his life the same way, a “life by design.”

Jack aims to live his life to the fullest, creating goals each year to help achieve everything on his bucket list, and it’s a long one. With meticulous care, Jack plans, tracks, and compares key metrics of his travel, health, and personal aspirations to control performance and hold himself accountable. 

In 2022, Jack released his long awaited book, Jack Daly’s Life By Design, that shares with the world his special recipe for life well lived.

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Keynote Topics

The reality of sales is: people do not want to be sold. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys having someone try to sell them something.


Jack’s first directive to salespeople when it comes to selling strategies is to quit selling. It doesn’t work so just stop!


In today’s business climate knowing “what” to do is not enough; what is really needed is the “how.”


Jack will explain the importance of leveraging your business’ unique competitive advantages to create systems and processes to be used by your entire sales team to ensure growth of your company.


Through this presentation, audiences will learn how to earn trust by caring first, turn prospects into clients via pipeline management, help others buy instead of selling them something, and so much more.

If you want to grow your sales, grow your quantity and quality of your salespeople. No matter how good a top sales performer may be, they are ultimately limited by the hours in the day. The key, then, is targeted recruiting.


As well, the best sales performers—regardless of industry—have common threads amongst them, which Jack calls “best practices.” The sensible approach, then, is to model the masters and incorporate their winning systems and processes into a Sales Playbook.


Jack reveals the path to developing, coaching, and practicing the Playbook for exceptional performance.


Through this engaging presentation audiences will learn the importance of operating with a proven Playbook, hands-on coaching, recruiting top sales performers, and more!

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or World Series, when the winning team celebrates in the locker room, the players often say the same thing: “What made the difference for us is we’re a family. We care about each other. We help out wherever we can for the benefit of the whole.” This is the kind of attitude companies need to develop.


There are four key components to building a winning culture:


  • Recognition systems
  • Communication systems
  • Empowerment systems
  • Personal and professional development processes

Jack’s corporate culture presentation has been designed to help company leadership recognize the importance of a building corporate culture by design, not by default, and its bottom-line effects on performance.


If you get the culture right, everything becomes easier. If you don’t, all is hard.



Travels from: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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  • Real Estate
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  • Healthcare
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR Training
  • C-Suite
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance


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  • 20,001 - 35,000

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