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Jon Petz | #1 Complete Event Emcee

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  • Miami, FL, USA

About:  Jon Petz | #1 Complete Event Emcee

Jon Petz is an event emcee and conference emcee who interacts with the audience and effectively transitions speakers, honorees, media and other functional elements of the show to maintain proper flow and emotional balance. As the “Chief Engagement Officer” Jon understands how and when to use comedy, music and lighting elements to emphasize or minimize the impact of a message or objective. He is a professional, live event personality and entertainer that people can relate to, laugh with, and one that they can trust for timely, accurate information when needed.

Jon can be involved as part of the creative design and script writing process to add energy, engagement tactics or entertainment as part of the event seamlessly mixed with messaging components of the organization. Or, he can simply give your script the energy and engagement to keep your attendees involved throughout the program. Jon prides himself on being the returning host for multiple annual events locally and all around the globe.

Not when Jon Petz is emceeing an event and takes to the stage as Your Conference or Event Emcee!

Call it what you will; Event Emcee, master of ceremonies, conference emcee or Live Event Personality. Engaging, relating to and interacting with business or association audiences isn’t easy. They’re typically sophisticated, jaded, and accustomed to high production values and flash. They bore quickly — victims of an entire career of long meetings.

When emceeing an event, your event emcee has to be energetic, engaging and entertaining immediately and consistently—exactly the brand promise Jon Petz has built with his “Bore No More!™” platform.

Jon Petz is an engagement expert and THE leading authority on engaging an audience with energy & entertainment in addition to relevant content and insight that meets the design of your meeting.

Jon Petz | #1 Event Emcee

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An Event Emcee’s / MC’s job is to build continuity and consistency of the event’s brand equity and heighten the engagement, memorability, and impact on the participant – and therefore, how they value this industry trade show or conference. The conference emcee (MC) is the glue that connects each piece of content together and makes it seem to flow perfectly, even though two speakers may have completely different content. Which means to the bottom line, that participants are more likely to return next year and bring more co-workers with them while also increasing the likelihood of innovative application of the learning and expanded networks of contacts.

Jon Petz isn’t simply an event emcee that shows up to read a script you prepared. He is an engagement expert and can help as an event coordinator/producer when needed. While emceeing an event, Jon ensures that the event attendees are fully engaged in the program, informed of what’s coming up and are reminded of the importance of what has taken place. Jon has the unique ability to instantly engage your audience, reengage them after breaks or lunch, and then perfectly sum up your message so the audience remembers the key points. As an event emcee he delivers:

Relevant and timely content when needed. As a keynote speaker and author, you will be prepared for anything, before you even knew you needed to be prepared.
Tactful “call backs” to information and flash forwards to ensure the audience is involved and informed as per the objectives.
Proper timing and pacing of the event flow.
Effective emotional balance of the event.
Proven transitioning of speakers when emceeing an event with effective stage logistics.
Engaging speaker intro’s and outro’s to maximize credibility.
Crucial placement of program elements including awards, special and surprise guests, speakers, auctions, prizes, various media and announcements.
Most impactful use of comedy or entertainment components.
An effective use of music and lighting options to maximize the impact on the audience and the message.
Jon Petz is a charismatic personality as event emcee that attracts and does not deter.


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