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Dr Samke Ngcobo | Mental Health Wellness

Dr Samke Ngcobo
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About:  Dr Samke Ngcobo | Mental Health Wellness

Dr Samke Ngcobo is a dynamic, driven and passionate medical professional who has a passion for issues related to mental health advocacy and mental health psychoeducation.

Dr Samke J Ngcobo, is a Medical Doctor who is living with Bipolar Disorder Type 1 since the tender age of 14 years old.

She is passionate about mental health advocacy and about the development of an empathetic and compassionate understanding about the lives of those who struggle with their mental health. The best advocate about mental illnesses is the individual who is living with it and experiencing it first hand.

Dr Samke Ngcobo is the author of a book called ‘Reflections Of a Convoluted Mind- A Journey With My Mental Illness’ which has garnered an overwhelming positive response from people who are living with mental illness, those who support them and individuals who seek to understand people who live with mental illnesses

Dr Samke Ngcobo is an experienced keynote speaker who engages with the corporate community and community at large about mental health psycho-education through Vocal Mentality (Pty) Ltd.

The founder of Sisters For Mental Health which is an initiative that is focused on creating a safe environment to engage about mental health struggles and to collaborate with other organisations which advocate for mental health. The organisation seeks to serve as an outreach resource for communities which are in need of understanding mental health.

Dr Samke Ngcobo | Mental Health Wellness


Dr Samke Ngcobo is the author of a book called Reflections Of A Convoluted Mind: A journey with my mental illness. It was inspired by my desire to create an awareness and understanding about the life of someone who is living with a mental illness. Dr Samke Ngcobo felt that she could share valuable insights as someone who lives with a mental illness and as a doctor to individuals like myself. The intention is to humanise this journey through sharing my thoughts and reflections related to it.


  • An experienced public speaker who has won numerous awards
  • A member of Toastmasters International and have garnered awards in the public speaking and evaluation contests


  • Passionate about engaging with the corporate sector about mental health through my company called Vocal Mentality (Pty) Ltd that is focused on psycho-education, breaking stigma and empowering the audience which I engage with regarding mental illness and mental health.
  • She has presented psycho-educational talks for various organisations such as Standard Chartered Bank, Avis, Rand Merchant Bank and Coca-Cola, Anglo-American to name a few.



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