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Dr. Liz Wilson | Behavioral Scientist

  • Denver, CO, USA

About:  Dr. Liz Wilson | Behavioral Scientist

Dr. Liz Wilson is a behavioral scientist, organizational transformation expert, and founder of Include Inc. Originally from Australia and now based in the United States, Dr. Liz is well known for her authentic, honest, and pragmatic approach to everything she does.

This includes her simple, yet powerful, Include Change Method that has achieved amazing results for her clients over the span of her 25+ year career. Dr. Liz has transformed the ways of working and cultures of dozens of global organizations including; major airlines, banks, consumer goods, telecommunications, mining, rail, tech and medtech companies.

With a professional purpose that has always centered around the desire to equip individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive; Dr. Liz’s unrelenting curiosity also led her to research and find the solution to inclusion transformation, and reducing discrimination, with the development of the 8-Inclusion Needs of all People.

Dr. Liz Wilson, who holds a Ph.D. in organizational culture and behavior, is on a mission to create a world where everyone is included and valued for their difference. For the first 20+ years of her career, Dr. Liz worked with some of the world’s most notable brands through their business transformations until she witnessed the discrimination of a loved one.

Dr. Liz Wilson | Behavioral Scientist

From that moment on, she has dedicated herself to finding a solution to discrimination. By combining her organizational trans- formation and behavioral science expertise, Dr. Liz Wilson went to work and discovered a simple solution that eliminates the focus on our differences and focuses on “The 8 Specific Needs of All People©”.

With a desire to create a world where everyone is included, Dr. Liz Wilson knew she had to work out a way to equip everyone to be inclusive. From this, Include was born. In August 2020, Dr. Liz secured venture capital in a year when only 2% of venture capital funds were invested in female founders. Fast forward 12-months, and Include is now the world’s first enterprise software designed to equip everyone to make inclusive decisions in real-time.

Dr. Liz Wilson is not your average DEI keynote presenter. She invites you into her life with insightful honesty and humor, serving as the mirror for the audience on how the exclusion people face is not because of their difference but because of the barriers we put in their place. Breaking the news to participants that celebrating labels with cupcakes won’t get us to inclusion, she shares a simple yet powerfully impactful approach to creating an environment where all people can thrive.

Practical and applied behavioral science
Over 25-years of research and practice in organizations across the globe has led to the development of an extremely efficient and effective method for change; The Include Change Method. Think of it like a life-hack, but for change and transformation. It works at the individual, team , and organizational level.

Always learning
We know we don’t know everything there is to know about inclusion, so we are always curious to learn more about people, the world around us, and the organizations we work with. We do A LOT of research (it’s basically what we do for fun in our spare time)! And we spend a heap of time analyzing what works, what doesn’t, and what could be done better to create inclusion for all people.

Letzbe approaches inclusion differently
We do inclusion differently by focussing on the whole person and the 8-inclusion needs of all people (instead of just the single identity labels that someone else assigns us). If you’d like to learn more about the approach you can download and read Dr. Liz Wilson’s peer reviewed journal article:

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