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About:  Christian Kromme

Christian Kromme was an innovative tech-entrepreneur for 15 years until he discovered the DNA behind disruptive innovation and how to use this to predict the next big wave of technological disruption.

Now Christian Kromme is one of the most in-demand futurist keynote speakers, speaking in front of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders and policymakers about the radical impact of disruptive technologies on humans and organisations.

Focus on Technology and Human Behaviour

As a tech-entrepreneur Christian has participated in several successful ‘disruptive’ start-ups, often spin-outs in completely different industries but always focused on the interface between humans and increasing technology. In 2002, Christian Kromme founded his own agency that helped organisations like: Shell, Randstad, Essent, Endemol, Corio, Eyeworks, ABP, Oracle, Philips, Toyota, Auping, Adidas, Rabobank to dramatically increase their rate of innovation.

Awarded Human-centered Approach
Throughout the years the agency and Christian received several nominations and awards for its innovative vision and human-oriented approach. In 2014 Christian Kromme sold the agency to a multinational and started to focus on his passion, giving inspirational keynotes on disruptive technologies and the impact on human beings.

Beside speaking Christian Kromme holds a position as a board member at the Workforce Institute EMEA, The Human Genome Foundation  and some tech startups.

Christian Kromme | Innovation Futurist

Keynote speaker


Our world is changing at an exponential rate! A big tidal wave of digital disruption is coming at us fast. Many organizations experience this wave as a threat and fear them, but there are also organizations that just see this wave as an opportunity.


Disruptive organizations like Uber and Airbnb think like surfers and know exactly where and when they need to jump on the wave to harness the power of the wave to make exponential speed.


Christian Kromme challenges organizations to think and act like a surfer and thus helps to transform disruptive threats into disruptive opportunities.


In 2011, Christian Kromme did a unique finding. During the search for his daughter’s health Christian Kromme discovered a unique wave pattern in the development of cells and biological organisms.

These seven wave patterns also form a blueprint for the disruptive technology trends that we see around us today; the patterns are even able to predict future technology trends. This gives organizations and companies more certainty in the future and thus a solid foundation in the formation of long-term visions and strategies.

    • How quickly is our world really changing?
    • What is exponential technology?
    • What parallels are there between biology and technology?
    • What are the technology trends that are coming our way?
    • How to make your organization more creative and agile?
    • How to anticipate on the next technological trend?
    • How to think big, but start small?

These and many other issues are answered by Christian during his sessions.

Christian Kromme – Futurist

Christian Kromme speaks at various events and for leading organizations and companies such as: Europol, Shell, BP, TEDx, TEDxINSEAD, Philips, MIELE, Manpower Group, KPN, Akzo Nobel, Engie, AS Watson, Exact, Buma Stemra, Beehive, T-Mobile, Kronos, Randstad, Financial Times, Inter-Gamma, Nutricia and many others.


You can book Christian as speaker for master classes, keynotes and inspirational sessions. His lectures are about the impact of: disruptive and exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robotics on our lives, our work, and our society. Christian Kromme also gives branch specific lectures focused on the future of healthcare, mobility, education, organizations, HR, manufacturing, energy, logistics, marketing, communications and many others.


Christian’s is the author of the Amazon bestselling book “Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human ‘. In this book, Christian focuses on the fascinating parallels between biology and technology. The waves of technological innovations that follow each other in rapid rate are in fact no coincidence … The book Humanification ‘helps managers, entrepreneurs, and investors anticipate and navigate in an extremely rapidly changing world full of disruptive innovations and exponential technologies.


Christian Kromme is also an experienced tech entrepreneur and speaker on the subject of disruptive innovation. During his presentations, Christian takes you on a journey through our exponentially changing world where increasing disruptive technologies and business models provide a massive shift of power towards the consumer.

During his inspiring keynotes, Christian Kromme explains how organisations can benefit from the latest technological changes. He challenges organisations to think like a surfer. So organisations know how to surf the next great wave of technological change. This helps organisations to achieve success in this new future changes.


“Christian helps businesses to benefit from increasing technology and thus turn threats into challenges. After all, each change offers endless opportunities. ” – Ad Nederlof – Chairman Vanad Group


“Christian is a passionate speaker who shows a stunning and inspiring way what is going on in our society, what will happen in the future and how to deal with it. Very motivating! ” – Cisco Systems


“Christian is a real expert in the field of ‘Disruptive Innovations’ and brings his story with flair, enthusiasm, passion and depth to the audience. He gives the audience new insights they can take home. ” – L. Hilberding – Field Marketing Manager Interactive Intelligence – Benelux, Africa and the Middle East


“Christian breathes innovation. Full of passion and knowledge he manages to challenge his audience to look beyond the iPhone. The biggest changes are yet to come in technology; you better be prepared!”- D. de Beurs – Researcher Primary Care and Mental Health at NIVEL


“Christian explains in an inspired way how exponential growth of digital computing power will cause unexpected technological, economic and cultural changes. Any organization with the ambition to stay relevant for it’s customers in the next five years, should take his story very seriously. “ C. Fruneeaux – Director Monnik


Go Digital, Stay Human

This book explains how increasing technology will advance humanity towards a more meaningful and purposeful future. 


Humanification is going to help you unlock the DNA of innovation itself, so you can apply it to your life, your business and your community.


This is a truly remarkable book that no entrepreneur, leader or policymaker can afford to miss. This book shows how technology unites humanity into one big organism. This new insight will change the way you look at technology and its effect forever.


Christian is also a best selling author, his book Humanification Go Digital, Stay Human was a #1 best seller on amazon.com. 

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Keynote Topics

Our world is changing at an exponential rate! A big tidal wave of digital transformation and disruption is coming at us fast. Many organizations see this wave as a threat and experience stress, but there are also organizations that just see this wave as an opportunity.

Christian Kromme shows your audience in a fascinating keynote, the rise of digital technology. And the way this will lead humanity to a more meaningful future. He shows beautiful visuals in his keynote and tells practical tips and tells a very personal story about his daughter.


For a long time people are talking about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, but it’s really going to happen right now. In this keynote about the future of Artificial Intelligence I tell about the rise and impact of Artificial Intelligence. Companies must be prepared for this, so they can participate in these changes. Organizations that don’t look at AI and Robotics could be disappear within a few years.


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