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About:  Brett Williams

Maj Gen (Retired) Brett Williams is a distinguished and decorated military leader with extensive private sector business experience and perspective. Brett’s extensive experience inside and outside of the government make him the perfect keynote speaker for any audience.

Brett Williams always starts with leadership and the role it plays in managing cyber risk. From there, he leverages the fact that he has deep executive experience, as well as significant technical expertise, to design a keynote that will provide your audience with a clear plan of action.

Brett Williams is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of IronNet Cybersecurity. IronNet sells an advanced cyber detection product that leverages behavioral analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect individual companies, business sectors and national governments. Brett is a retired Major General, U.S. Air Force.

In his last active duty assignment, Brett Williams was the Director of Operations for U.S Cyber Command. In that role, he was responsible for operations and defense of Department of Defense networks, as well as the planning and execution of authorized offensive cyber operations in support of national security objectives. Brett is also a highly experienced fighter pilot with more than 100 combat missions flown in the F-15C.

Brett Williams | Cyber Security Speaker


  • The Threat is Real…It’s Time to Act!

Most audiences today are well-aware of the cyber-threat. What they need is clear, practical steps they can take to proactively stop the attack. Every experience Brett Williams delivers is customized for the audience and the message and he prepares them take action.

Key themes include the nature of the threat–from criminals to nation-states, and how they will attack your company. Current data on the costs of a breach from data recovery to reputation damage and liability exposure.

A clear explanation of current defenses and why they fail.

The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in helping to defeat today’s sophisticated attacker. And every presentation includes a checklist of action items, so the audience walks away with a clear plan of attack.

  • Cyberwar – Is America Ready?

The U.S. is under attack from a variety of nation-state actors and this has implications for business professionals as well as Americans in their private lives.

General Brett Williams provides his perspective on the current cyber threat landscape, discusses challenges that we have as a nation in addressing this threat and provides his perspective on how business leaders and technical professionals can work better together to counter the increasingly sophisticated cyber threat.

  • Customer Communication

Brett Williams is the perfect speaker for your next customer conference. By bringing in an expert at his level, you demonstrate that your company takes protecting customer data in cyberspace seriously.

He is the perfect lead in for your company expert to describe the cybersecurity steps you take to protect them.

Leadership Keynotes

Emerging Leader Development

A cross generational approach to growing tomorrow’s leaders.

From Individual Contributor to Team Leader
Practical advice for new leaders and managers.

Debrief Like a Fighter Pilot to Drive Business
Learn how the concept of “Plan-Brief-Fly-Debrief” delivers on business goals from Brett Williams.

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