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Technology in the Driver’s Seat

Vito di Bari
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Article written by: Vito Di Bari


In most of the tasks we perform in our day-to-day life, having an assistant to help us can make things much easier. For that reason, one of the latest trends in technology has been the creation of virtual assistants. Usually, these help systems are connected to our phones, and we can also connect them to some objects in our home. However, automotive virtual assistants have not been as extensively developed as regular systems. But, this has already started to change.

Automotive Technology Will be our Best Ally
Currently, the automotive sector is one of the most innovative in terms of the technology used in its products and services. However, there are still some aspects in which they have not developed as quickly as the rest. But, this will no longer be a problem. Unifying more than one sector in order to improve products has been a trend for some decades. We can see this clearly with voice systems. In the beginning, such systems were aimed only at smartphones, but now we can have them in the comfort of our cars.

An Automotive System that Will Take Care of You in the Future
Having a virtual assistant in the car is an example of the incredible advantages that the future will bring. Samsung is one of the most famous leaders in technology so, when they created the Samsung intelligent voice system, Bixby, they knew it would reinvent the driving experience.

This system recognizes different drivers and their preferences in the car, such as seat height, playlists, and display options. It also connects the car to your house and vice versa. So, you can not only take care of yourself while driving, but also take care of your home.

You can even turn it on before you get into your car, so that the tasks you usually do when you get in the car, such as turning on the air conditioning or choosing your favorite music, are already completed.

These kinds of technological innovations give us a glimpse at how the world will be connected in the future through connected robots, integrated voice systems, and artificial intelligence.

A Futurist Keynote on the Automotive and Smart Cities
In one of my futurist keynotes, I talked about how in the future we will be technologically connected to everything around us. This can be seen through voice systems like Bixby. While driving, you will be protected by Cellular V2X technology, which allows communication between cars, pedestrians, and infrastructure, including traffic lights. This is how Smart Cities will function.

Thanks to this type of technological innovation, it will be possible to send and receive wireless signals, ensuring that accidents are avoided. With so many entertainment and safety abilities, it seems absolutely certain that these systems are the next big trend in the automotive industry.

In short, companies like Samsung have been taking the customization, and ease, of consumers’ cars to the next level. The future is here right now and every car company is getting on board. What could be better than having more entertainment, more comfort, and more safety? The future will definitely surprise us!


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