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Alyson Van Hooser

  • Princeton, Kentucky, United States
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About:  Alyson Van Hooser


  • Communication & Engagement
  • Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Multi-Generational Issues
  • High Performance Inspiration

As a keynote speaker on high performance, Alyson Van Hooser has one singular objective: to inspire leaders and business professionals with the ownership mindset that unlocks unimagined opportunities!

Radiating an unexpected perspective drawn from her tough life experiences, Alyson reveals the secrets to radically improve performance (individually or among teams) and ignite high-caliber results in spite of overwhelming odds.

As a result, leaders, managers, and teams discover the power and possibilities that come from making the choice to “own it” in life and work. Alyson Van Hooser heartfelt stories and high-energy humor hit them in the heart, expand their outlook, and propel them forward.

In the end, her audiences are equipped and inspired to own their responsibilities, make their opportunities, and to crush their goals, no matter the obstacles!

Alyson combines her real-world experience with unique authenticity, wit, and insights to positively transform leadership and team performance. With wisdom drawn from tough life experiences, Alyson radiates an unexpected perspective on success.

Alyson is developing leaders across the country using her intuitive street smarts, ownership mindset, and proven leadership strategies to unlock exactly how to be more resilient, create your own success, connect with a diverse workforce, and increase performance within yourself and among your team.

Her down-to-earth style hits you in the heart, opens your mind, and pushes you forward! Alyson Van Hooser lives in Kentucky with her husband, Joe, and their four children Willow, Lincoln, Duke, and Holt. When she’s not working, you can find her dancing with her family in the kitchen… “Alexa, play We Will Rock You.”

Alyson Van Hooser management experience with Walmart, her leadership experience as a bank manager, insurance advisor, and elected city council member – all by the age of 30 — equip her to relate authentically with the challenges leaders are facing.

She deeply understands the price of admission to leadership and the keys for leveling up — now she guides leaders to achieve even greater results!

Alyson Van Hooser | High Performance Expert

Areas of Expertise


      • Communication & Engagement

      • Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

      • Multi-Generational Issues

      • High Performance Inspiration


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    Keynote Topics

    Naughty by Nature: Connection.Is.Key

    Perfect for: Executives, Senior Leadership, Mid-Level Managers, Emerging Leaders

    Leaders are scrambling to understand how to lead radically diverse teams. Is there a practical solution? Absolutely! Here’s the struggle: we’re all naughty by nature. We instinctively think of ourselves first and most often.

    But leading others starts with creating an authentic, selfless connection. A real connection creates permission for true leadership influence to begin. Change your nature to start breaking down barriers and get clear on how you can connect with anyone!

    Learning Objectives

     Clarify Where the Biggest Gap Exists Between You and Your People
    Understand What Truly Precedes Your Ability to Influence & Lead Others
    Learn the Keys to Making an Authentic Connection with People Different from You
    Create a More Empathetic & Inclusive Individual Approach and Organizational Culture


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